Does the app work on iPhone and Android?
Yes, the iPhone application works across the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Also the app works on Droid, Android, and Blackberry.

How is this different than other restaurant apps?
This is personalized app with restaurant own logo, menu, and personal touch. Other restaurant apps compile lists of restaurants - there is no uniqueness or customization. This is restaurant's own customized application which means they don't have to compete against a classified list of seemingly similar restaurants.

How long does it take to get it up and running?
It depends on how long Apple takes to approve, the Droid and Android only take a couple of days

How fast is our app?
Our applications are based on unique databases so we have made them as fast or faster than any other app for your customers.

Can restaurant modify their menu and pricing?
yes, we will provide a seperate panel to modify menu and pricings.

How can restaurant track order?
We will provide you a seperate app to manage orders. You can always login to website to track orders too.

How about support?
You can always email us for any questions any time. Our team will be happy to resolve them ASAP.